A letter to President Trump

November 14, 2020

Mr. Donald J. Trump
President of the United States of America
The White House
Washington D.C.

His Excellency President,

The members of Junta Patriótica de Venezuela, La Unión de la Resistencia, y La Coalición Internacional por Venezuela, Federación de Foros Académicos de Venezuela, Conaddeh, Despierta Venezuela, Movimiento Sigatoka Venezuela, Democracia Siglo XXI, Alianza Internacional, Movimiento Civil Organizado, want to send you an effusive greeting along with our congratulations for such a well-deserved electoral victory.

We offer the opportunity of this communication, to place ourselves at your service in order to join forces in the fight for the freedom of the world. We are convinced of his example of a great citizen and excellent president that he is, which earned him the support of the people of the United States for his re-election.

The principles of morality, justice, freedom and solidarity induced by the founding fathers of the USA and which constitute one of the strengths of their leadership, are proof of the values that sustain their government as the world has seen in the past four years.

Without exaggerating and calling things by their name, we recognize that throughout the history of humanity there have been men predetermined to promote the evolution of our race in any aspect. Today, divine providence has shown us his election as the world leader for freedom and justice.

It is worth believing the redemptive role of many men like Jesus Christ or libertarians like Washington, Lincoln and Simón Bolívar, because in you, Mr. President, we see how the times inexorably point it out to leave the mark of good for humanity. Never lose sight of the fact that you are a man chosen and anointed by the creator to save the world without half measures and without flattery, and good people believe and trust in your talent and commitment in the conviction of being a missionary of God.

Mr. President, the times are eloquent and clear regarding the struggles that good must fight against evil and it is in your hands to lead and organize the coalition of the planet for such a noble truth.

We, like you, trust in God.

Junta Patriótica de Venezuela

Pablo Medina Carrasco / Presidente y Exsenador

Padre José Palmar / J. P. V.

Luis Ortiz / U. D. L. R.

Freddy Solórzano / C.I. P. V

Eduardo Guzmán Pérez / F.F.A.D.V.

Freddy Ibarra, Franklin López, Alfonzo Bolívar, Yolanda Medina C., Ali Makro, Elías Briceño, Xavier Codorniu, Zuleima Yépez, Jhon Brendan, José Merentes, Erick Encinas, Ronald Revette, Jaime Chirinos, Luis Canache Mata, Aura Mata, Gertrudis Alfonso, Mary Canache, Ramón Canache, Alias Briceño, Glenda Rodríguez, Rosmer Landines, Audio Soto, Ali Berti, Rafael Becerra, José Falconete, César Ojeda, Luis Peña, Emiliano Farías

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