Letter to Michael Pompeo (English version)

September 3, 2020

Michael Richard Pompeo

Secretary of the State Department

United States of America


Request of the Organized Civil Society

Ratification, relaunch and adaptation of the political proposal for Venezuela issued by the Department of State on 03-30-2020 with the commitment of the active participation of civil society in the Inclusive and Plural Council of State adjusted to the political dynamics 03-30- 2020 as of 09-03-2020.

Honorable Secretary of State,

A cordial greeting. On behalf of civil society, the resistance, organizations and associations, who we have maintained an arduous and constant activity for the restoration of democracy in Venezuela, we congratulate you for the work carried out by the Department in the exercise of its foreign policy in search of world peace and the strengthening of peoples. This is how we have perceived it in the face of the undeniable successes achieved in the Middle East, between Israel and the Arab nations. Unfortunately, on the American Continent, peace is threatened. As you well know, we are faced with terrorism and drug trafficking by countries such as China, Russia, Iran, Cuba; and, now Turkey has joined, who are the ones who support this usurping regime, headed by Nicolás Maduro Moros. But it not only affects Venezuela, our sister Colombia is also in danger. We are concerned that if they invade it by any means, the conflict and instability will increase; and therefore, we are going to live in an ungovernable region.

Mr. Secretary of State, we remind you that on March 30 of this year, President Trump proposed a strategy known as the “Democratic Transition Framework” with the idea of a peaceful solution to the Venezuelan crisis, which was immediately accepted by the interim president of the National Assembly Juan Guaidó. Unfortunately, this strategy was rejected on 03/31/2020 by the usurping regime of Nicolás Maduro Moros.

In recent days, diplomatic initiatives have emerged aimed at addressing the Venezuelan political crisis in the midst of a fraudulent call for elections for December 6, 2020, which both the legitimate Supreme Court, Dr. Almagro and the Trump administration have rejected along with sectors of the international community. But the Vatican, the leadership of the Episcopal Conference, the Foreign Ministry of Spain and Turkey support the illegal elections promoted by the sentenced Nicolas Maduro. In addition to electoral illegality, some minority opposition groups led by Capriles play the game of the regime. We wonder what are behind the pardons? A quota of deputies in the next National Assembly, through a mechanism that violates that Constitution. Now the number of deputies will increase from 167 to 277. How will they be chosen? 48% through the vote of the electors and 52% by the Boards of the PSUV, Capriles and the so-called “Mesita”.

In this political framework, the main difficulty of his proposal that we share is that Maduro is not going to accept it; and the people of Venezuela are not in a position to wait for a third proposal as a Framework for a Transition.

On the other hand, we highlight that the current National Assembly, as a constituted power, has a finite expiration period on 01-05-2021; and only the legitimate Supreme Court of Justice in exile, as the Venezuelan public power. In other words, the Judicial Power would remain in force beyond this date, since this power is recognized by the Trump administration, the governments of Colombia, Brazil, and the many judicial powers of the world. Therefore, you would have to play an important role together with the Venezuelan civil society. In other words, to help rescue the constitutionality of the Republic. We are aware that the construction of a political solution must unfailingly have the support of the citizens and the organized people to give it the guarantee of governability, stability and legal security.

In this sense, Mr. Secretary of State, we allow ourselves to request this Emergency, that President Donald Trump and the State Department ratify, resume and relaunch within the framework of the Democratic Transition, a political proposal to achieve the formation of a Council of Plural and inclusive State, in which the legitimately constituted powers, National Assembly, Legitimate Court in Exile under the presidency of Dr. Miguel Angel Martin T .; as well as civil society organized in citizen resistance, together with the institutional sectors of the Armed Forces as guarantors of this inclusive and plural provisional transitional government.

Without further ado, and awaiting a prompt and favorable response, we say goodbye for you, we subscribe,

La Junta Patriótica de Venezuela

Pablo Medina C.; Sacerdote José Palmar M., Gral. Gilberto Mayorca, Luis E. Ortiz, Silfa Lila Urdaneta, Roy Byer, Mary Canache L., Franklin López A., Yolanda Medina C., Yobana Canache, Mario Canache, Gertrudis de Jesús Alfonzo, Luis Canache, Aura Mata, José Falconete.

Unión de la Resistencia Ciudadana

Freddy S. Ibarra, Ali R.Berty, Elías Briceño V., Ali Mota, Zuleima Yépez, Laura Bolla.

Federación de Foros Académicos de Venezuela

Profesor Eduardo Guzmán Pérez

Coalición Internacional por Venezuela

Freddy Solórzano

CONADIS (Concejo Nacional para la Ley de los Discapacitados)

Ismael Morales Buenaño

Asociación Civil Democracia Siglo XXI

Carlos Jaramillo P.

Bolívar Foundation

Alfonso Bolívar

 Otras Asociaciones

Despierta Venezuela, Movimiento Sigatoka Venezuela, Alianza Internacional, Movimiento Civil Organizado

Firmas en depósito

Xavier Codorniu, Julio Sivoletto, Jhon Brendan, Ali Makro, Yaleidy Cegarra, Ali Mercado, José Merentes, Jhon Brendan, Gisela Álvarez, Ramón Álvarez; Juan A. Ruiz,       Emiliano Faria, Cesar Ojeda C., Ronald Revette, J.       Ingrid Velázquez, Ramon Bustillos, Enrique Tova, Jaime Chirinos, Luis Gil, Yenny Viloria, Alexander Hernández, Emiliano Farias, Juan Castillo, Cesar Girón, Wladimir Rodríguez, Rafael Becerra, César Ojeda,   Carlos Rodríguez, Juan A. Ruiz, Jessica Mendoza, Nakari Polanco, Edgard Rodríguez, Enrique Tovar, Lila Urdaneta.

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