Why vote for Donald Trump?

Pablo Medina-Carrasco / Venezuela RED Informativa

Moving the past to the present, if the election were between John Kennedy and Richard Nixon, and I were an American citizen, without a doubt, I would vote for Kennedy the candidate of the Democratic party and of the Catholic faith who, being president, according to some experts, ran into with the New World Order. At the present time, if I were an American, I would vote for the Republican candidate Donald Trump, who is a Christian and aware of what this monster of the New World Order means.

The New World Order (NWO) is the center of international gravitation and, all the inhabitants of the face of the earth should understand the dimension of the spiritual drama, in which humanity is immersed. With this ideology, Christian values, believing or denying the existence of God, of Jesus as his only begotten son, as well as values in family and individual life are in danger. Candidate Joe Biden symbolizes anti-values, and those who accompany him in that diabolical vision.

This misfortune for some centuries has been taking root and taking over the planet earth, through very powerful people, masters of banks, commerce and technologies, universities, culture and fashion, as well as the production of vaccines and they have planned to bring the fulfill Thomas Malthus’s dream to reduce the world population by different restrictive means.

In this sense, Donald Trump has denounced that structure as a bad reflection of a sinister power, as John F Kennedy did at the time, which may have been that the cause of his death, according to investigators of such a heinous crime. And now we see that the violence in the United States in the midst of the Pandemic and the considerations that have appeared and published on the security of President Trump are not accidental.

Against this ominous power, the Great Pontiff of the Peoples Saint John Paul II fought the battle of the Jubilee and the foreign debt in the final years of the 20th century. He considered that he should abolish or significantly reduce the weight of foreign debts, in the suffered third World countries. He was aware of the unjust increases in interest rates by international banks and the corruption to acquire them. He wanted to enter the new 21st century by applying the Law of Moses.

God gave me the opportunity to meet with Pope John Paul II, for 10 minutes, where I informed him on behalf of the Latin American Parliament of our purpose in accompanying him in his intense Jubilee activity. We had an international plan, he wished us good luck and the Vatican sent his document, in the great event that we carried out in 1997. Then it corresponded to me in 1998, accompanied by deputy Humberto Celli, at the World Inter-Parliamentary Union of Namibia, Africa, to inaugurate the debate on foreign debt.

But the immense power of the established New World Order, which we now face jointly with President Trump at the helm, that same Order hampered all possibilities of ridding Venezuela of foreign debt.

The Constituent Assembly in 1999 was the great opportunity we had to carry out that day of justice, and eliminate the foreign debt, first in Venezuela; and, later in other countries, but it did not happen because President Hugo Chávez surrendered and did not accept, even though we had all the legal documentation, the spiritual and political strength of the Pope, the parliaments of the world.

When in that Constituent Assembly I presented the original document that the government of Jaime Lusinchi and the representative of the creditors of the 540 international banks had signed, Chávez refused to allow the Constituent Assembly to discuss and approve a sentence where it was demonstrated with original documents of the Republic that Venezuela was not a debtor of the 540 international banks. Chávez betrayed Venezuela once again. Months later I learned that George Soros and the fugitive bankers, Fidel Castro and others had financed him as a candidate.

What I have written is a personal experience from when I was a member of the Constituent Assembly. An experience that serves as a reference for me to visualize the monsters that we face and invite all Venezuelan voters and Hispanics in general, to vote with joy for the re-election of Donald Trump, because he is very qualified to take on the liberation enterprise of the continent, Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua; and, of course, with Jesus, the son of God as our boss. God bless America!

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